This year long regatta has been designed to provide sailors of all skill levels a different approach to utilizing their skills and competition on the water.  Though not a normal part of a Notice of Race, and before diving into the Sailing Instructions, this preface is meant to give an overview of the event and explain the “why” behind many of its aspects.

  • The races will be distance races, therefore, one race per day.
  • Registrants will enter as Co-Skipper teams and must share the helm pro-rata.
  • Throw-outs, if any, must follow the pro-rata skipper ratio.
  • Rating bonuses and penalties will be done on a percentage basis, not a fixed amount, in order to maintain a level playing field across all boats.
  • The short-handed aspect goes for competitors and Race Committee, thus the Rabbit Start.
    • The short-handed idea goes for both skill and our social distancing guidelines.
    • Regarding social distancing, we have noticed, through conversations and social media, that most folks have started hanging out in small, contained groups again, and from what we can tell, most groups resemble their crews.  The entire crew may not be there, but a partial crew is, thus, the short-handed structure.
  • Pay attention to the allowed number of crew per LOA of the boat being sailed as there are both penalties and bonuses related to this.
  • Pay attention to the Rabbit changing every race and the rules surrounding the Rabbit.
  • Throw-outs come at the very end, so this series will not be decided until the very end.
    • Building on this, pay attention to DNCs being registrants plus one, not competitors plus one.
  • Understand the age bonuses, both young and old.
  • Please note that the team registers, not a boat.  The team may race different boats every race per skipper availability, crew availability, etc.
  • Per all of the above, the declarations made to the RC are critical.

The underlying idea is simple – come race, different boat, different crew, different helmsman, different approach on any given day.